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  1. Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Defamation (2013 Reissue) Written by one of Canada's leading practitioners in the field, this title is national in scope, providing a thorough and authoritative summary of the pertinent legislation and case law regarding the requisite elements of an action for defamation, possible defences, and available remedies.
  2. Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Civil Procedure: Definitions Through Injunctions (T.34, Articles 1-26)
  3. Damages in Tort Actions In-depth legal and policy analyses of compensatory and punitive damages in personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage cases. Shows how to increase the opportunity to recover a substantial verdict through effective preparation and trial performance, includes: Pain and suffering Emotional distress Medical expenses Loss of earnings and ...
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  • Legal Radar: Slander Archives  Blog
  • Mina Mar Group Inc. www.minamargroup.com/ (MMG) and Mina Mar Marketing Group www.minamargroup.net/ (MMMG) inform the public that the courts ruled in the favour of Mina Mar Group in slander lawsuit against Inves...home categories archives Recently in Slander Category Mina Mar Group Wins Slander Lawsuit Against the Investors Hub January 22...courts ruled in the favour of Mina Mar Group in slander lawsuit against Investors Hub. Mr. Justice...
  • Litigation in Multistate Jurisdiction
  • http://www.legalradar.com/slander/
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