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  1. Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Defamation (2013 Reissue) Written by one of Canada's leading practitioners in the field, this title is national in scope, providing a thorough and authoritative summary of the pertinent legislation and case law regarding the requisite elements of an action for defamation, possible defences, and available remedies.
  2. Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Civil Procedure: Definitions Through Injunctions (T.34, Articles 1-26)
  3. Damages in Tort Actions In-depth legal and policy analyses of compensatory and punitive damages in personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage cases. Shows how to increase the opportunity to recover a substantial verdict through effective preparation and trial performance, includes: Pain and suffering Emotional distress Medical expenses Loss of earnings and ...
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  1. 509 U.S. 443
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